Class Info

At Susan Winter School of dance all students receive the utmost attention and are given an opportunity

Class Information

Pre School: Children are introduced to basic ballet steps in a fun setting.  During the tap portion students will be introduced to basic steps, helping to develop rhythm and musicality.

Ballet:  Students learn the basics of Ballet, Barre and Center Floor Work and are exposed to the French terminology that forms the basic universal language of Ballet.  Emphasis is made on proper placement, correct body building and devlopment of poise and grace.

Tap: Tap dancing develops better coordination, timing and strengthens the feet and legs.  Emphasis is made on acquiring clarity and speed by incorporating all types of rhythmic patterns.

Jazz: Jazz is an expressive dance form that also helps us to develop strength and mobility of movement.

Hip Hop: Full energy dance form using the latest music and strong funky movements.  Learn the latest "streetdance" moves.

Pointe:  Pointe classes are offered to qualifed students with a strong ballet foundation.

Lyrical: A more contemporary form of ballet that includes the discipline of ballet with the emphasis on the expression and interpretation of contemporary music.

Some class rules we strive to follow...
- Please put your name in all shoes. 
- No chewing gum in class.
- Discipline is maintained to create a proper learning environment.
- Please encourage your child to practice.
- We encourage you to observe classes.
- Always check online or call if there is stormy weather.